At the Starting Line

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Topic: Bridges  – Specifically: Suspension/ Progression (Timeline)/ Inca Rope Bridges

Info: I’ve begun to look into:

  • Inca Rope Bridges: How they work, their history, surviving examples
  • Bridge History: Timeline of bridge history, types and uses
  • Suspension Bridges: How they work, famous examples, different methods/ problems, past/present/future limits

Response: I’m just fascinated by the huge variety of existing bridges and the different ways they are engineered and constructed. I’m also amazed at the extent of progress that has happened in the past several decades. Simple bridges were used as early as 2000BC, but only in the past 150 years have the bridges that we know today, come in to existence. And over those 150 years, bridge design has excelled tremendously, as we push the boundaries on length, weight limit, height, and spans.


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