The Voyage Begins

I’ve decided to focus my research on sails, more from the clipper ships instead of more modern sailing. I want to learn what I can about how these sails are attached to the masts and how they work. All the rigging and connections are intense, but the knowledge I obtain will help me understand how sails work to propel a vessel forward.


One response to “The Voyage Begins

  1. Dana,

    I enjoyed your brief presentation on Wednesday. I was also thinking (as was Ann) about the difference between actual sails on ships and sail-like structures or canopies as architectural components.

    I think that one interesting way to think about it is in terms of sails being effective because air (wind) cannot easily escape from them. This, of course is what propels a boat, the thing that the sail is attached to moves in its entirety. If a sailboat were frozen in ice with its sails up, they would get ripped off…

    What then is a sail-like element on a building or other structure? Since these don’t move as a boat does, what ways have been employed to “let the air out” (or through)? It seems that a weather vane and a wind sock might be interesting analogs to look at. Since Cambridge makes meshes among other things, this seems a perfect match..

    I look forward to hearing more as the studio progresses
    Peter Chamberlain

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