Burj and Bridge


Passerelle Valmy is a unique assymetric cable stay bridge. As the cross-section shows, a mast held nearly verticle by a cable is connected to the deck.

The Katehaki pedestrian bridge also relies on a strong non-vertical mast. In this case, it acts as a counterforce that tensions the cables. Then two cables pull back on the entire system to ensure its stability.

Sailboats have interesting connections that each have a separate but orchastrated purpose, i.e. to utilize the wind to move over the water.

The Burj al Arab, designed by Tom Wright, uses two teflon-coated fiberglass sheets in the front of the building to provide the sense of a sailboat upfront.
The sheets were pre-tensioned and are held in place by a system of curved trusses.

See: Tom Wright Design


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