On to a new phase…

For this next phase of the project I want to apply what I learned from the first stage about cable nets and double curved surfaces to the architectural mesh.  Although the mesh tends to only freely bend in one direction, I believe it would still be possible to use strips of mesh to approximate a hyperbolic paraboloid, which can be drawn using straight lines:

from above:

I noticed from the samples that the mesh is able to be slightly twisted (like a helix). Depending on the shape of the surface I wanted to make, the mesh would not have to twist more than 90 degrees along its whole length (red angle):

I’m not sure as of yet what I would do with a hypar made of mesh, but I’ll continue to explore the possibilities.


One response to “On to a new phase…

  1. Harrison,

    After a pretty solid research phase your work is taking a fascinating turn. I would encourage you to continue pursuing the opportunities provided by the twisted shapes: how about arraying them along a line or a curve? How about establishing a maximum twist, and then having an array that starts with a flat ribbon (0 twist) and gradually, through several iterations achieves the maximum twist angle established? How about studying the lighting effects associated with this effect? What will happen if your array develops along a curve, and not a line, or if it assumes a position in space different than the vertical? Can you come up with a compositional principle, either original or borrowed from somewhere, that would organize such an array? A simple example is a pinwheel of twisted ribbons, but I am sure you can come up with other options.

    Keep it up: would love to see the progress tomorrow.


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