As I move forward to figure out what I would like to design now that I have learned all about Barbara Hepworth and brought metal mesh into to the picture I can’t help but think that I would love to make something that draws you in.  With the metal mesh in tension and other materail I would like to use lighting and percentage of transparency to encourage the eye to move in the direction your supposed to go.

As I was sketching and thinking the idea that jumped out at me the most was to make a entry sequence to some kind of out door public area.  I came up with this sketch:

I kept playing while brainstorming with different ways to use this hallway inorder to make you feel as if you need to move forward into the structure.  I see the materials being metal mesh on the left and polished wood slats on the right.

The next drawing I eventually came to was:

I wasnted to figure out what this kind of structure would look like in plan so I drew another sketch:

As I was draw the plan I realized that what I was trying do was make an entry sequence to an amphitheater cut out of a side of a hill.

As I kept drawing and trying to make structures grow together I went online for some influence and saw this sculpture:

called Torso Sculpture

This lead me to thinking that I can somehow shape the mesh to look more organic.   One of the ideas for the amphitheater looks like this.


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