A Responsive Umbrella

After my study of the form and mechanics of umbrellas, I started to see many similarities between umbrellas and responsive architecture. Both umbrellas and responsive architecture are used to respond to their surroundings.

My interset in responsive architecture led me to create a form that is responsive to it’s surrounding environment. My goal in integrating responsive architecture to my design is to create a form that responds and adjusts itself to the sunlight and weather. My proposal of how this could be done is through a pneumatic actuator system. In this speific system, sensors would detect a change in the weather which would then transmit to the actuator. The pneumatic actuator then converts the energy from the sensor into motion by compressing air that is kept in the upper space of the cylinder. The pressure then is transferred to the valve system that is hooked up to a battery plug.

The frame work of this form would be very similar, if not identical, to that of an umbrella. Each member is a system of hinged arms that are able to be moved when the actuators react to changes in the weather.

The form of the umbrella also greatly influenced the form of my design.  Since the traditional umbrella strictly consists of one scale, I have scaled different members to involve different people and objects to the different scaled members.

After the inital form, I created another very similar form but added the mechanical tube in the middle that would be needed to house the mechanics and loads of this form.


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