Understanding Skin

(sketches looking at skin)

In this phase I’m designing a piece that has an understanding of skin. It also contains a connection between sculpture, architecture and landscape.  In Phase 1, I concentrated my research on the sculptor Namn Gabo and using his ideas on light, mass and movement as a basis for the design.

(image 1)

I started with the experimentation of the mesh mid-balance.  After playing around with it I found different ways of manipulating it.  It can be bent, curved, twisted, and broken down into smaller units.  (refer to image 1)

(image 2)

Next, I’ve started making study models looking into different elements I wish to consider.  In the first study model, (refer to image 2), I was just seeing how a surface could be bent and twisted into a free flowing form then supported by tension in the strings connected to a frame. 

(image 3)

Following this, I aimed towards making the free form more of a piece that is anchored to the ground in a Gabo fashion. (refer to image 3)  Once experimenting here I noticed that the stringing seems to dominate the form which makes me question what it would actually do for the piece.


(images 4)

In the last study model, so far, I attempted to put these ideas together.  (refer to image 4)   Here the free formed surfaces represent a framed mesh that would appear overlap and twist from one to another.  The white forms represent what would be framed mesh.

From here, the next step is to further develop the design and integrate the twisting form in image 1 with that of the free flowing forms in images 4.


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