I started doing my work on designing a fully functional footbridge that would be using several elements of tension, including steel mesh working with the structure. I wanted to focus on elegant components, and visual simplicity. I came up with the scheme of a floating pedestrian bridge held up by 2 legs swung out and against each other.

This is an elevation of the bridge.

The mesh in tension would be the Rope pattern, and would actually be load bearing. The use still conforms to the current production standards.

This is a quick drawing of how I imagine the connection between the rope mesh and the steel stabilizing cable should be. Hopefully it will fully support the mesh, as well as successfully transfer the forces from the mesh to the rope.

Here is a top render to help you understand what is really going on.

Here is a rendering of a close up of the bridge. As of now, the connections that are holding the bridge to the ropes are currently being researched and designed further, and are currently placeholders.

This is a picture of a method I plan on using as a connection between the steel cables, and the steel elements that hold up the actual footbridge.


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