zipper mesh

I am mixing zipper with mesh.

this picture shows how the zipper works,

and the i mix them in this way. this is the red one and this is green one, and this is the yellow one. Besides there are 3 zippers. here here and here

this is one section of bridge but because of limited time i have not show how mesh and bridge connect, i will do it tonight.

in the day time the mesh screen zipper up ,they separate in here and join together here , to form a shade

when the night comes, sun set down ,we dont need shade . so we put the mesh down,to form a screen, there are many LED lights inserted into the mesh. so we can put some thing like adverstisement or some signs(like welcome to miami) and so on

there is two bends in here .the bends have gear in one side like this, and each band is operated by 4 gears

2gear sticks with electricity, the other sticks only hold the band so that there is a unchangeable way the band runs


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