Trip to Cambridge, MD————–fantastic trip(cincinnati pittsburgh washington DC maryland)

Three most impressive things

1: This trip lets me know more about Mesh

(We saw a lot of applications of mesh for ourselves, learnt what the function ,advantage of the mesh system and how to connect the systems to buildings.And I visited the mesh plant in Cambridge. In the plant I got closed to the mesh. I learnt how the workers make meshes. This made me know more deeply about this material. And I also heard some experiences of the Cambridge mesh Plant. For example, some frustration of the company.)

2: This trip lets me know more about America cities

(I visited many famous cities in US especially Washington DC, It is the capital of the USA. At the first day of DC,we, Xiaoyan,Alexandra,Harrison and I, hung out  at midnight and we explored many well-known place of interest including Washington monument ,Linken memorial,the capital building and so on. Next day we visited the Washington DC at daytime. It is also very impressive. Besides we visited the news museum and many amazing sculpture at the center of Washingtong DC)

3:This trip lets me know more about American living style.

(I lived with 2 American guys Mason and John, and during the evening I hang out with the students to bars or walked around the cites. I ate like them and experienced like them)


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