Initial Investigation

From visiting the site at Pyramid Hill and the existing performance stage, it left me with many questions.  From these questions I started looking into different stages that contain elements that either interest me and will lead me in a direction for my design.  

Above demonstrates the typical seating of an amphitheater but incorporates it into the landscape.  The current conditions consist of a sloped lawn, however the slope doesn’t really pick up directly in front of the stage so a seating similar to above could be incorporated. 

Above the scale of this stage area is what interests me.  This is more or less the actual allowance our program dictates.  I also enjoy the view of the lake the stage provides.

Here is an example of how the dressing/restrooms are addressed.  Here the front of the structures are covered with some vegetation and they don’t obstruct the view from the stage. 

Here the dressing/restrooms are addressed a little different than above.  They feel as though they aren’t connected to the stage how they’re offset and set back.  Furthermore, the openness in front of the stage is overkill.  I respect the airiness however; it sets the stage apart from the viewers.  

Here The openness is succsessful.  The back of the stage frames a view of the lake behind it and the structure doesn’t over power the surrounding space.

In this last photograph I enjoy how the roof structure is separate from the stage area and the openness that is achieved from such a large structure.  Similarly to some of the other performance stages, the rear of the stage is open allowing views to the lake.

Next step is to do a site analysis with accurate measurements, layout, current/possible view points, and a rough outline of massing.


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