Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, DC, Cambridge…and back – My reflections on the weekend journey

I really enjoyed our studio trip for the fall ’10 semester. We went to UC, Pitt, Washington DC, and Cambridge Mass, all in 4 days. The car trip was a little tiring but overall the trip was a great experience. Many things over the course of the trip interested me, but there were a few that stood out the most. One of the things that really fascinated me was in Pittsburgh, I was just amazed by the amount of fans the Steelers had, and their general support, for a team that  (I think) really isn’t that great, but hey thats just my 2 cents! But truly one of the things that really interested me was the versatility of steel mesh. After seeing all these examples through the trip, I was left wondering what methods could be devised to really push the limits of what this product can do, and how it can be engineered to be so much more. Another thing that I enjoyed during the trip was seeing all of Cambridge’s working models of the mesh. I feel that this could really help the consumer better understand and apply their product, and I feel this could have been a valuable asset if we (the students) could have seen this before we began processing our ideas. But, I really enjoyed the tour of the factory. I just love seeing how things work, and the tour really left me satisfied with understanding the mesh, because I got to travel through the manufacturing process and see what changes were made, and how.


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