At this point I have settled on a few design decisions all of which also provide an equal number of questions that must be answered.  The design of the main stage is a system of metal (not sure what kind) blades that have attachments in three places.  The bottom attachment is a pin connection allowing for rotation.  The upper two connections are connected to steel tubing which spans beyond the distance of the stage anchoring into a mechanical device that will allow for the system as a whole to rotate providing shading, a back drop, and it will act as a curtain when needed.

Looking straight on at the main stage

Section of the system

Things I am starting to work on are as followed:

–  the site plan as a whole, its egress, sightlines and placement on the site.

– main stage vs. surrounding structures, the relationship they share with eachother

– operation of the stage system

– shape of stage decking

– mechanical details


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