Pyramid Hill Performance Pavillion


The orientation of the performance pavilion is designed to optimize the natural landscape and avoid having impact on the land. The pavilion as well as the spectators’ seating is arranged so that the natural slope found within the land creates the perfect viewing angle for spectators.


My inspiration for the performance pavilion at Pyramid Hill Sculpture began with my previous studies of the for qualities m and of umbrellas. Next came the acoustic research required to design with high performance design. Due to the site, the performance pavilion is surrounded by trees. Arranging the triangulated umbrellas to create a sense of what the nearby trees created-a playful an ever changing pattern. By combing these three principles together, the flowing and acoustically sound canopy stage was created.

The performer’s headquarters were designed to have a different appeal than the stage so that it creates a transition for performers from performing and then finally to relaxing. The headquarters are open to the woodland scenery in the back featuring open terraces so that occupants can gather or enjoy the outdoors.


The main materials is a fusion of stainless steel and local maple lumber. The decision to use stainless steel is too consistently carry out the material of the metal mesh throughout the “performing” space. The maple is used in the performers’ headquarters to give a warmer and more comforting effect for when the performers are not performing. Thin slices of stainless steel are carried horizontal to intertwine with the maple. Though the materials may at first seem to be two polar, it helps define the spaces externally as which space is designated for which activities.

The metal mesh that I chose for this project was Tidal by Cambridge Architectural. Since the tidal mesh is a rigid mesh, it would donate acoustical value as well as a base to house lights or speakers. The rich texture of the tidal mesh would react great to any lighting effect as well as create a tree like canopy texture to the ground.

Public Restrooms & Concessions

The public restrooms and concessions are both located so that they are easily accessible by both of the paths found on the site. The public restroom carries out the triangulated form of the pavilion through its orientation. The concession is triangulated and allows viewers to continually watch the performance without having to miss a moment of it.


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