Final Fabric.A.Tion Studio Installment

This is the final installment of my project for our Fabric.A.Tion studio. For my amphitheater I choose to design a project that would work with the land and be integrated into the landscape, hence half of the building being built into the earth. I also wanted the amphitheater to visually demonstrate some sculptural values as it is located in a sculpture park. One of the last main things I wanted to incorporate was adaptability and usefulness. Knowing the theatre would only be used a handful of days out of the year, yet be present 365 days of a year, the theatre has a green roof which can be used at any time, and the seating is meant to be as unobtrusive as possible yet still provide function. Architectural mesh would be used across the facade of the building holding the dressing rooms, and would visually represent the rhythmic qualities and variance of the music and performances on the stage.

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