Final Product


Below are the pdf’s I generated as my final presentation posters, If anyone wishes to take a closer look to the detail.




The project taught me a new respect for detailing.  Before this project I have always been aware of the importance to detail and thought I had a good grasp on detailing.  However, throughout this process I learned new and creative thinking skills to help hammer out details.  I based my project process off of details and will admit that I might have got a little caught up in this process.  I spent a large amount of my time in building the studio site model thus it set me back during my design development stage.  If I could do anything differently it would have been to of concentrating more on my design development process.  Overall, I am pleased with the outcome of my project and the amount of work I put into it, just wish I could of had more time! But we always wish for more time!

Another note.  The guest critics I thought were absolutely great.  Not only for my project but as a whole.  Some of the material and suggestions were obvious, but once they were able to dig deeper into everyone’s project, the discussions became more interesting.  I want to thank all of them for coming and sharing their professional expertise.  I also want to thank Cambridge Architectural for tuning in throughout our studio and for their continued support. I hope to work with them again, perhaps in the professional world.


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