Phase 3 Final Project

For my final project I wanted a strong sculptural design influenced by the sloping site on which it was located.  My fairly static and centralized plan is contrasted by the dynamic elevation of the roof.  The form of the ribbons of the roof are determined by the heights of the various rooms required by the program.  The rooms are all proportional to each other and their heights were determined by their relative importance to the program. So, for example, the tallest space is the stage, followed by the green room. The roof is highest there, and lowest at the individual dressing rooms and restrooms.  The walls are constructed of pre-cast concrete and the roof is covered in architectural titanium.  I used the mesh (mid-balance, held taut in a rigid frame) to cover the stage so as to allow it to be shaded for daytime performances.  The windows in the main building are all above eye-level since all the spaces in that building are dressing rooms and restrooms.  The form of the public restrooms and concession stands mimics the form of the main structure.


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