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Final Project

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Trip to Cambridge

Current Amphitheaters

I spent my day researching new amphitheaters. Our next project is to “replace” the current amphitheater at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park.

The first amphitheater I thought of (beyond the Colosseum and the Epidaurus) was Renzo Piano’s Auditorium Parco della Musica mainly because I’ve been there.

After further research I found some other interesting outdoor amphitheaters:

Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater- Morrison, Colorado


Azeala Park Amphitheater- Brooklings


This one has a more emotional connection with me. It is the DTE energy music theater in Clarkston, MI. An outdoor pavilion where many concerts and shows are performed over the summer. I actually saw the Backstreet Boys there over this last summer. There is seating within the pavilion and then “lawn seats” which are all seated over the steep hill beyond the theater.


The Ford Amphitheater- Tampa FL


Bexhill Bandstand- De La Warr Pavilion- South East England. This bandstand is actually portable. Very cool.


This amphitheater is a take off the theatres in Greece.                                              Peace Amphitheater- Kyun-Hee University in Korea.


The Smythe Brothers Amphitheater- Dana Point Park- California


Asser Levy Bandshell- Coney Island NY


Eddy Arnold Amphitheater- Crockett Park, Brentwood, TN

Maidstone- Millenium Park, Chicago

Venetian-contour Curtain

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“The Show Must Go On”

I had a bit of difficulty for a while trying to combine my research and the metal mesh. I think I’ve come up with a good solution though.

I am writing a research paper on the Rockwell Group for another class. One of their projects was a Swarovski Crystal Curtain for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards.

This connection between how a sail is connected to the mast and then how it is furled and unfurled made me think of a stage curtain.

I have been playing with the metal mesh pattern called Shade:

I want it to “furl and unfurl” in the way that the sails do on ships. But I also want it to have an effect similar to the Swarovski curtain, and I have asked what experimentation has been done to make the metal mesh iridescent.

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“There are good ships, there a wood ships, The ships that sail the sea. But the best ships are friendships, and may they always be.” – Irish Toast

Sails research

The Voyage Begins

I’ve decided to focus my research on sails, more from the clipper ships instead of more modern sailing. I want to learn what I can about how these sails are attached to the masts and how they work. All the rigging and connections are intense, but the knowledge I obtain will help me understand how sails work to propel a vessel forward.