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Sculpture Park Amphitheater


stage construction




Trip to Cambridge, MD

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the first thing I found interesting is the campus of UC, it’s much more funny than Miami, they got different types of Architecture, much more diverse. Maybe it is because UC is located in a city, but I started to be bored with the red stone building blocks all over our campus.

the second thing I liked is the sculpture garden, it’s nice, quiet and not many people walking around, Good to wander around the garden on one’s own.

the third thing impressed me is the mesh, the process to make the mesh: they are made from some dull metal pieces, and turned into neat, shining finished product.

“time tunnel”

bridge poster (pdf)

mesh bridge

rhino poster

bridge presentation

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bridge presentation

Bridges:tension and compression

I looked for the tension and compression identity in arch and suspension bridges, their design technology and their limits of structures, eg. torsion in suspension bridges, and resonance (deal with wavelength)  in bridges. I looked for the some new bridge structures that combined both suspension and arch technology which works quite well, and create more aesthetic qualities.

I also looked for some architecture that inspired from bridge, or the technology, structures..