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Now that we are starting to focus on amphitheaters I want to move forward with my same basic idea of nature and man made objects coexisting and not clashing.

I started my research looking at seating, I liked something like this:

I wanted to keep the structure itself very open because the beautiful sculptures around the site like:

So I thought it would be cool to design something that wouldn’t obstruct the view of these sculptures, maybe using something similar to the amphitheater at Pretoria University in South Africa:

I also wanted to use the mesh in my project as a shading device so I was thinking to use it similar to the blue tarp in the pictures above and also for acoustic  plates.  I also looked into shading devises that retract:

I would also want to use natural materials for the Columbus but find a way to incorporate the unnatural as well, for example:

Maybe using the natural materials for vertical elements and the unnatural materials for the horizontal elements.

Chapel in the woods:

Used in a city park:


Disappearing in the woods:

Chairs on a path:

My project now consists of mesh walls that can curve to form overhangs, seating, and hallways.   Most of the work that I’m doing at this point is finalizing ideas and figuring out how the design will actually work.  I want to use the style of mesh called rope:

To keep the mesh in tension I want to use the scroll attachment at the top and springs at the ground level.

The mesh will be held in place by stainless steal tubes with grooves for the mesh to slide through:

As for the different applications for the wall I have drawn up a plan view of the “site”

To better help explain what the different applilcations look like I drew up some sections to scale at 1/4″-1″,0″:

The first section is of a ten foot wall.  The second is of the highest point with an overhang, which is located in the chapel.  The third is a cross section of the chapel.  The forth is of the seating unit. The fifth is of a hallway made by the mesh and an anonymous object, (at this point a curved, oval, wood wall.)

I took some up close pictures of the units and what they look like at this point:


Reaching further into the design and idea that I have I decided to scrap the amphitheater idea for now and look into a public park that could be rented out for special events.  I want the mesh and nature to grow together and create a connection that looks seamless.  I wanted to use some for of a land mass like a mountain or cliff, but I decided to look into turning abandoned quarries into a park.  The man-made cliffs would allow an interesting mix for a lot of unique ideas.

One of the first things I drew out was a plan view that could have changes done to it.

After I drew this, I started draw elevations of what the area could look like.