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Final Project

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Cambridge Presentation

Tent Mesh Shelter

Stage Set Design

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I decided to focus on the various ways twisted mesh can be used in a facade.  My first design uses the mesh to shade a glass facade. The mesh gradually transforms across the facade from 0 twist to 90 degrees. It is held in place fairly conventionally (using what I envision as either the eclipse or scroll attachments) with intermediate attachments halfway up and angled to help keep the twist in the metal fabric:

From here I am going to look at different ways the twisted mesh can be supported (using more tension elements, perhaps?) and try out different designs for the facade.

The Next Step

I have been trying to incorporate steel mesh into my tent research but I have found it very difficult so far since tents are very light and portable and steel is not. I have looked into more permanent tent-like structures that could be used for pavilions or just shelter in general but they do not really convey the concept of portable architecture. I have also looked into layering the steel mesh, similar to the different layers of a tent. I am currently looking into combining the steel mesh with fabric. The fabric would not be a permanent part of the structure and could be removed easily especially if it was connected via tent clips or something similar. I also remembered the work by Hussein Chalayan who is a Turkish fashion designer and experiments a lot with high tech fashion. His 2007 collection was all about self retractable and morphing clothes. I thought that this would be a useful concept to look into and possibly use for my next phase. Here is an example:

The image on the right should be first. One idea that I am currently playing around with is a shelter or pavilion that incorporates steel mesh and fabric together.

The triangle formation is based off of the structure of the Geodesic dome tents I researched. The gray triangles would be the steel mesh and the white would be the fabric. The fabric could retract itself according to the time of the day or how much sunlight was needed. I will be posting scans of some sketches soon.