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Hong final

In this studio, I learnt a lot . First it changes my recognation of Architecture from art to apply art.Because I learnt a lot of details and how to make my concept idea into possible architecture.

In this design, I want to make a concise building with many elements(2 jumpping lines, one helix line, a pebble, an ellipse, and a bamboo backstage)

2 jumping lines have several LED stainless mesh(form several beautiful screens, make a boundry of amphitheater, weave not only environment with amphitheeater,but also each part of amphitheater together)

the pebble is made of a material called corian(pebble looks likes not only a part of nature but also a building,a house)

the bamboo backstage is made of bamboo

the other sections are made of concrete


amphitheater presentation 1

a Internet research about Amphitheaters Hong

Scott Outdoor Amphitheater

Constructed in 1942, the Outdoor Amphitheater was designed by noted Philadelphia landscape architect, Thomas W. Sears. Today, mature tulip trees and white oaks provide the “ceiling” for this memorable spot. Swarthmore College holds commencement here each year rain or shine.

when i was trying search the amphitheater, i found this picture. but i found that it is intersting that if a theater looks like a swimming pool

this is a new project called”Asser Levy Park Amphitheater Project”

here is some imformation from“Coney Island, the former vacation mecca on the New York waterfront, is undergoing a massive revitalization effort. Asser Levy Park, with the addition of Grimshaw’s new amphitheater, will serve as the new gateway to the area and as a symbol of its new identity.

The amphitheater will be a seasonal venue that can attract performers at all levels, encourage concert promoters to bring bands and artists to Brooklyn, and create a destination that New Yorkers see as one of their best summer options for entertainment.

Designer: Grimshaw, Location: New York, United States of America, Image Credits: © Grimshaw, Information: Source

i like this suclpture

kind of lamborghini feeling

there is a new looks very modern. while this studio design seems like we should focus more on nature. but i think there are still many things we can learn from the picture

these seats are very interesting. they are inserted into a wall

there are some elements i like

i like this roof to be a theather is bright and flowing just like the music

a big roof as a shade and the other side of the building is empty. so it is not a closed box.

some nice view of a theater

there is a theater of rock valley collage

something like a outdoor theater or something can evolute to a outdoor theater with little change

Trip to Cambridge, MD————–fantastic trip(cincinnati pittsburgh washington DC maryland)

Three most impressive things

1: This trip lets me know more about Mesh

(We saw a lot of applications of mesh for ourselves, learnt what the function ,advantage of the mesh system and how to connect the systems to buildings.And I visited the mesh plant in Cambridge. In the plant I got closed to the mesh. I learnt how the workers make meshes. This made me know more deeply about this material. And I also heard some experiences of the Cambridge mesh Plant. For example, some frustration of the company.)

2: This trip lets me know more about America cities

(I visited many famous cities in US especially Washington DC, It is the capital of the USA. At the first day of DC,we, Xiaoyan,Alexandra,Harrison and I, hung out  at midnight and we explored many well-known place of interest including Washington monument ,Linken memorial,the capital building and so on. Next day we visited the Washington DC at daytime. It is also very impressive. Besides we visited the news museum and many amazing sculpture at the center of Washingtong DC)

3:This trip lets me know more about American living style.

(I lived with 2 American guys Mason and John, and during the evening I hang out with the students to bars or walked around the cites. I ate like them and experienced like them)

1zipper mesh

zipper mesh

I am mixing zipper with mesh.

this picture shows how the zipper works,

and the i mix them in this way. this is the red one and this is green one, and this is the yellow one. Besides there are 3 zippers. here here and here

this is one section of bridge but because of limited time i have not show how mesh and bridge connect, i will do it tonight.

in the day time the mesh screen zipper up ,they separate in here and join together here , to form a shade

when the night comes, sun set down ,we dont need shade . so we put the mesh down,to form a screen, there are many LED lights inserted into the mesh. so we can put some thing like adverstisement or some signs(like welcome to miami) and so on

there is two bends in here .the bends have gear in one side like this, and each band is operated by 4 gears

2gear sticks with electricity, the other sticks only hold the band so that there is a unchangeable way the band runs


These days my plan is to make a zipper steel mesh. If the mesh can be separated or joined together,i think it will be very interesting. These 5 pictures show what I have done so far. And the next step is To go further, to make these system come true.

the principle of how zipper works

I draw a section of this system, this system is inserted into a pedestrian bridge.