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Final Presentation

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Included in the above images are those of my model and my hand drawings. My idea for this project was to emphasize the stage using three copper tree-like forms that intersect over the stage creating an intriguing structure that would double as a location for lighting. The rest of the building would clad in weathered wood so it would blend into the woods leaving the stage to be further emphasized. I cantilevered my structure so it would not be too disruptive to the landscape and would create a unique lookout at the end of the hallway. I created a strip of windows above eye level at about 6′ above the floor for natural lighting.


Soldering Tree Structure

Soldering is not my specialty, however, I could not come up with another method to model the tree structure. Therefore the above images show my attempt at soldering copper to copper. The longest member is apparently not real copper therefore no matter how hot the soldering iron was it would not take to the solder. After many trials and experimentation, it still would not hold, therefore I used masking tape at that point. The proportion and general curve of the members are correct. It is not as detailed as I would have liked because it is a time-consuming process and, unfortunately, I did not have the correct clamps for the process.

Schematic Design

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Some Process

This model is of both my pavillion and a potential stage covering. The wire structure is representative of trees. It begins as a trunk and branches out over the performers- to form a sort of trellis from the trellis architectural mesh would be hung to provide a canopy of partial shade over the performance.

This is the Vine mesh, which I plan on incorporating into the structure.

Outdoor Theaters

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This collection of outdoor theaters represent some of the ones I am familiar with. I incorporated a campfire stage from my childhood. I had visited University of Virginia’s traditional theater- a vast area made of stone. On Miami’s campus there is a small outdoor theater that uses stone and earth to create the seating. In Dubai, Zabeel Park used a similar set up using concrete instead of stone and there is a pathway that weaves through the area. The various images describe some of the potential methods of creating an outdoor theater.

Visit to Pyramid Hill

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Three things discovered:

Architectural mesh is code approved as a guard for staircases. (example: Newseum)

The mesh can be woven so tightly that it looks almost solid. (used as a conveyerbelt in the manufacturing of computer parts)

Most of Cambridge’s steel comes from the US because it is better quality.

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